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    Buds Dog Rockers   

These Rockers are one-of-a-kind, designed by me, and
HAND-MADE one at a time.

Just as with my Labrador Jewelry web site, EVERY order is discussed personally with me,
via email, and your satisfaction is totally guaranteed.

These rockers are intended to be heirlooms that get passed down through the generations.

They are built from layers of 1 1/2 fir resulting in a total thickness, at the legs of 7 1/2 inches.
Although made for the enjoyment of the children, these rockers will easily hold an adult's weight.

This is a brand new web site with the first offerings of these keepsakes.
I do intend to develop other breeds and even a "CAT"!

The Golden Retriever

Notes: I intend to adjust this pattern for a "thicker tail and a larger chest.

This is the LABRADOR that started it ALL.


Do they look real, and lifesize?  Ask her......

 The German Shepherd Dog


Here he is airbrushed....

Brand new:  The Cocker Spaniel


Here it is airbrushed as a tiger cat.


((better pictures soon))

I KNOW, I hate sites that hide the prices too, so I'll keep it very simple.

Any rocking DOG, HORSE, or "CAT" is priced at $300. plus shipping costs.
((shipping costs about  $40 (partially assembled - six screws to add) or pick-up if you live near the Delaware shore)).

Bud Cravener
2 Barnacle
Bethany Beach, De. 19930

get this gear!

TO order, just click and drop me an email.