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Special inventory clearance sale page
updated with betther photos 9/17/02

Once again, I'm building a new house and closing my shop for six months.
So I have closed the regular LABJEWELRY website.

The pages below are the inventory that I have on hand.
These are NOT "seconds", they are pieces that I've made for quicker shipping
and "one of a kind" things that I've produced while developing new patterns.
Many of the designs here are NOT on the original web site.

Every single order will still be personally answered, (via email) by me, to confirm the order,
the way that it is to be made, the price, and the expected delivery time.
Your total satisfaction is my goal.
For those that are new visitors: My name is Bud Cravener and I'm a custom gold and silversmith.
Everything on these pages is HAND-MADE by me, and produced from a hand-carved original that I have made.
These are NOT, massed produced, resale items, they are originals made only by me.

EVERYTHING that I create is absolutely guaranteed.
If for any reason, you are not satisfied even with the sale items,
I will gladly refund your money


 You simply email me with theand I will ship upon payment.
At these sale prices, I must add a small $3.00 shipping charge.

Personal Checks are accepted, Major Credit cards are accepted through

 Take a look at my rocking dogs.  You'll love them. .

A note on earrings:  Remember, if you do not like hoops, etc.  You can take the
actual earring and wear it as a "jacket" with your favorite diamond studs placed
through the loop that previously held the hoop/wire.

Click on the thumbnail images for a larger closeup photo.
ALL pieces below are Sterling Silver.

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