I own the LABSR4U EMAIL Discussion List.  Some time ago, the list wanted to create a logo to use as
a pin to identify themselves at dog shows.  I created that pin, and it's grown and grown since.

     I have been a custom goldsmith for over 15 years .  I  have been doing only specialized FINE custom
jewelry for the last few years and now currently focusing on LAB Jewelry.
I run a full service operation, creating one of a kind jewelry and repairs and take
great pride in my work and my reputation.  That's why
I totally guarantee everything that I make and will repair it free of charge, forever.
(assuming it isn't run over by a truck!)

I am retired, after 38 years of Federal government employment, and am now free to follow a passion
that I couldn't devote enough time to before retiring.

What is my philosophy and approach to my business?
     I am really not interested in just turning out mediocre, high production jewelry for mass sale.
I guarantee everything that I make because I'm far more interested in having someone excited
and pleased with what I've made, than simply selling "stuff".  Since I'm not just selling
jewelry that is mass produced by some company  for wholesale, it's my personal effort that is
"on the line".  Since the beginning, it has ALWAYS been, "if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it".
If the customer does not feel excited about the jewelry, then I've failed in my goal.
     That's also why I offer to repair anything that I have made, without any time limit.
Things happen, such as a clasp breaking or coming loose.  I'm happy to repair these things, without charge,
to keep my customers happy and proud to wear one of my creations.

Why are my pieces not "diamond cut" like so many others?
     Diamond cut finishes are nice, but are usually done to provide a "quick finish" for the jewelry.
It is far easier to gouge out the piece with a diamond cutter, than to fine finish jewelry to a high
SOFT luster(particularly Sterling Silver).  As an artist, I am trying to test my own abilities
with new approaches, enameling, new patterns, and striving for a SOFT, high polished "look".
I use high polish,  florentined, enameled, micro-sandblasted, and grinding finishes, at the present time.

     This process works like this:
You choose what you would like to have made, and It doesn't have to be exactly like the pictures.
Each piece is made to the customers' specifications, individually, when ordered.
When the piece is completed, I will notify you by email and request a payment.
When the payment is received, I will ship(at my cost) the jewelry to you.
If, for ANY reason, you do not like the piece that I made for you,
you can return it for a total refund, or return it to be remade.
It is MOST important to me that you be satisfied and excited about the jewelry.

    If you want to save money on gold items, you can send me your broken, unwanted gold jewelry,
and I will use that to make the piece.  There will be a labor charge, but not to
exceed $50 for each gold piece made.
You can save a tremendous amount of money and actually use that old broken "stuff".

 A note on prices:
The Silver prices are based on the amount of silver in the piece and the labor involved.
The Gold prices are deeply discounted, at $18 a gram.  Any custom work (or even mall prices)
start around $40 a gram.  I still create custom fine jewelry for local customers, but
I'm enjoying the creative fun of forming a line of Dog Jewelry and
the prices reflect my love for dogs.

     I do hope that you like my creations and choose to
purchase a "Bud Pin" for yourself.
- Bud Cravener


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