These bracelets are hand made, including the drawing of silver wire for the cuffs.  Any of the designs that are on the other pages can be attached to make your custom bracelet.

(click on any picture to see a larger close up of the item.)

 These bracelets (above) are made using the designs that are 1 1/2 inches and weigh nearly an entire ounce of Sterling Silver.  The cost for these, or any of the larger designs is $75 in Silver.  Gold versions can be made and are priced at $18 a gram.  (ball park figure would be around $500)

This is a smaller bracelet, using the smaller 3/4 inch designs.  The cuff is smaller diameter also. cost: $40 Sterling Silver


New puppy bracelet.  Contains all the pups used in the puppy series pins.
Cost:$90 in Silver
Same bracelet with the puppies in gold and the background
in Sterling silver


(click on any picture to see a larger close up of the item.)

These bracelets are the link style and use a "pass through" catch.  Each link is individually crafted and then soldered together to make the overall bracelet.  These bracelets are also $75 in Sterling Silver.  They can be made in 14kt gold and priced at $18 a gram (probably around $400).

You simply email me with the and I will notify you when the piece is finished.  Be sure to include the Number of the design, Gold or Silver, and
any special instructions.
Personal Checks, Major Credit cards are accepted.