Here's some fun folk lore about stone and minerals often used in jewelry making.

Agate - Powers include strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love,
 healing, and protection. Worn on the arm or carried while gardening, the
 agate increases fertility and ensures a bountiful harvest. (variety of colors)
Amber - This is actually fossilized tree sap, not a stone. Its powers include
 luck, healing, strength, protection, and love. Amber is believed to give
 magicians more power, and it symbolizes life since insects and other small
 animals that were caught in it for all time can often be found in it. (golden
 yellow to brown)

 Amethyst - Makes the wearer gentle and amiable. Its powers include:
 dreams, overcoming alcoholism, healing, psychism, peace, love, protection
 against thieves, courage, and happiness. (purple)

 Aventurine - Worn to strengthen the eyes, stimulate creativity, and enhance
 intelligence. Its powers include: mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money,
 peace, healing, and luck. (green)

 Carnelian - Worn on the hand in ancient Egypt to still anger, jealousy,
 envy, and hatred. It also promotes peace and harmony, and dispels
 depression. Its powers include: protection, peace, eloquence, healing,
 courage, and sexual energy.(deep red or orange)

 Citrine - Its powers include anti-nightmares, protection, and psychism. It is
 worn at night to remove fear, prevent nightmares, and to ensure a good
 night's sleep. It also facilitates psychic awareness. (yellow)

 Crystal Quartz - Its powers include healing, protection, and psychism. It is
 symbolic of the intellect of human beings. It was called the "glass of
 heaven" by the American Indians. (usually clear, but also comes in a variety
 of colors)

 Fluorite - Works with the conscious mind, and is useful for straightening
 out thoughts, and reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to
 gain a more accurate perspective. It strengthens the wearer's analytical
 mind. (purple)

 Garnet - Its powers include healing, protection, and strength. A healing
 stone, it is often worn to relieve skin conditions, especially inflammations. It
 also regulates heart and blood. In the past, garnets were exchanged
 between parting friends to symbolize their affection, and to ensure they
 meet again. (deep red)

 Hematite - Believed to be powerful in drawing illness from the body. Also
 said to make the wearer alert and ensure sexual impulse. (silvery gray)

 Jade - Jade is an ancient love-attracting stone. Wearing the stone is
 believed to help kidney, heart, and stomach problems. The Chinese
 believed jade prolonged live. (green and yellow)

 Jasper - Its powers include healing, protection, health, and beauty.
 American Indians used it in rain ceremonies. Worn to promote mental
 processes and restrain dangerous desires. (red, brown, green)

 Limestone - Sometimes referred to as a fossil stone, limestone is made up
 of an accumulation of fossils, because it contains the remains of ancient sea
 creatures. It is believed to have the powers of protection and longevity.
 (off white though sometimes dyed different colors)

 Malachite - Its powers include: power, protection, love, peace, and
 business success. Worn to detect impending danger, and breaks into
 pieces when danger approaches. It is the traveler's guardian stone. (shades
 of green)

 Obsidian - Its powers include protection and peace. It is made of lava that
 cooled so fast, the minerals contained inside did not have time to form, so
 it is a naturally occurring glass. (streaks of black, gray, & white)

 Onyx - Its powers include protection. It was often worn in ancient battles
 to protect against danger. (black, green)

 Pearls - Cultured or Freshwater Pearls have the powers of love, money,
 protection, and luck. Pearls were dedicated by the Romans to Isis and
 they were worn to obtain her favor. In early Chinese myths, pearls fell from
 the sky when dragons fought among the clouds. (white, pink, beige)

 Peridot - Its powers include protection, health, wealth, and sleep. Used to
 attract love and calm anger. It also soothes nerves, and dispels negative
 emotion. (green)

 Rhodonite - Worn to calm, and cast off doubt, confusion, and
 incoherency. (reddish stone, w/veins of black)

 Rose Quartz - Believed to attract love. Promotes peace, happiness, and
 fidelity in established relationships. (light pink)

 Serpentine - Seals made of serpentine were carried in ancient Assyria so
 the gods and goddess would send double blessings. Worn around the neck
 by nursing women to regulate their milk supply. Guards against poisonous
 creatures. (milky colored)

 Sodalite - Its powers include healing, peace, meditation, and wisdom.
 Used to heal emotionally related diseases or those caused by stress,
 nervousness, anger or fear. Worn to relax the body and mind. (blue)

 Tiger's-Eye - Its powers include money, protection, courage, energy, and
 luck. Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle. (streaks of
 brown, black, and gold)

 Topaz - Believed to protect and heal the wearer, help with weight loss,
 and bring money & love. (light blue)

 Turquoise - Its powers include: protection, courage, money, love,
 friendship, healing, and luck. Placed in Native American tombs to guard
 the dead. Some tied turquoise to bows to ensure accurate shots. (shades
 of blues and greens)

 Gold - Its powers include: healing, protection, wisdom, money, and
 success. When worn it promotes your personal power.

 Silver - Its powers include: love, psychism, dreams, peace, protection,
 travel, and money. It is the Moon's metal. Silver is the metal of emotions,
 the psychic mind, love, and healing.

  •                 January Garnet
  •                 February Amethyst
  •                 March Hematite or Aquamarine
  •                 April Diamond
  •                 May Emerald
  •                 June Pearl or Moonstone
  •                 July Ruby
  •                 August Carnelian or Peridot
  •                 September Sapphire
  •                 October Opal or Tourmaline
  •                 November Topaz or Citrine
  •                      December Turquoise or Zircon