These "leaping lab" patterns are the official pins for the LABSR4U Email list

(click on any picture to see a larger close up of the item.)
Labsr4u #1 
Rope edge, 1 1/2inches, 
pendant or pin 
cost: $45 Silver $250 14kt
Labsr4u #2 
chain edge, 1 1/2 inches 
pendant or pin 
cost: $40 Silver $200 14kt
Labsr4u #3 
small chain edge 
1 1/8 inches 
cost: $30 Silver $120 14kt
Labsr4u #4 
Original flat pattern 1 inch 
cost: $30 Silver $80 14kt
Labsr4u #5 
Larger flat pattern 1 1/4 in 
cost: $30 Silver $100 14kt
Labsr4u #6 
Rope edge, small (dime size) beautiful piece! 
cost: $40 silver $75 14kt

Reminder:  #3 and #4 can be used on a money clip at the SAME price.
                  #6 makes a beautiful set of earrings at $70
                  #4 can also be earrings at $50
                  All the designs can be used on a bracelet.
                  #6 can also be a simple lapel pin or even a tie tack.

(click on any picture to see a larger close up of the item.)

Nugget style heavy mens ring.Cost: $50 
Silver, $220 10kt & 
$370 14kt gold
Split shank small ladies ring. simple & makes a good pinky ring. Cost: $25 Silver 
$45 10kt, $75 14kt.
Top View                     Side view
Beautiful ladies ring. Flower patterns 
around the logo in open filigree. 
medium weight.  Cost: $45 Silver, 
$95 10kt, $160 in 14kt.

Formal high polished 
mens ring with accent 
stones on each side. 
Cost: $50 Silver(inc. 
simiprecious stones) 
$90 10kt,  $140 14kt. 
Diamonds for the sides would be $60 extra.
Mens "rolex" style ring
shown with optional black enamal background.
Cost: $40 Silver
gold at $18 per gram.


Top View                     Side view 

small, simple ladies ring.  "old style" 
setting. Cost: $35 Silver, 
$55 10kt, $90 14kt. 


Plain round logo ring with 
smooth sides.  Cost: $40
Nice Lab head ring.  Plain sides.
Cost: $35 silver
Top view                  Side view 
Really unusual little ring.  Lab head
with chain leash as the shank.
Cost: $35 in Silver

You simply email me with theand I will notify you when the piece is finished.  Be sure to include the Number of the design, Gold or Silver, and the way that you  want the piece to be finished (pin, pendant, earrings, etc.).

On receipt of your payment, I will ship the jewelry immediately, and
Of course, make a donation to either LABMED or LABSR4U, as you designate.
Personal Checks, Major Credit cards are accepted.

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