Lanyards, Bolo's and Sliders

Lanyards or BOLO ties.  The sliders are sterling silver. 
The lanyards can be braided leather, vinyl, or cord. 
COST:  $25 with small sliders and $35 with larger size. 
can be finished as either a lanyard or Bolo tie.

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These are only examples.  The sliders can be made from just about any pattern 
on these pages.  The lanyards are all leather and braided, flat at the neck, round, 
just about any choice of type and color.  The same lanyards and sliders can be 
finished into a bolo tie.

 You simply email me with the and I will notify you when the piece is finished.  Be sure to include the Number of the design, Gold or Silver, and any special instructions.
Personal Checks, Major Credit cards are accepted.

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