Lighters and lighter covers

The lighter covers are made by using a nickel metal cover for a "bic" lighter 
and soldering a Sterling silver design on the front. 
Most of the SMALL designs will work.  Finish is high polished.
Cost is $20 for any Sterling Silver design that will fit on the cover.
14kt Gold can be applied. 
Cost would be based on the gram weight of the gold used at $18 a gram.

L1 (fits a BIC lighter) Lighter cover with hunter/lab.  Any of the small 
patterns can be attached. Cover is high polished nickel overlay is Sterling. Cost: $20 

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 REALLY special gift for the smoker in your life:

Solid brass slimline zippo lighter with a carved labrador head in Sterling Silver.  Zippo comes with all guarantees and paperwork. 
High polished solid brass case. 
Cost: $35 (normal retail for the lighter alone is higher than this price)
Other small patterns can be used instead of the lab head, i.e. the hunter.... 

 You simply email me with the  and I will notify you when the piece is finished.
Be sure to include the Number of the design, Gold or Silver, and any special instructions.
Personal Checks, Major Credit cards are accepted.

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